Yarra Pools

Branding the transformation of a Melbourne icon

Inspired by successful urban river swimming projects globally and here at home, Yarra Pools is a community-led proposal to re-introduce recreation and water-play to the lower Yarra and, in doing so, to transform an under used section of the iconic river’s northern bank into a thriving community facility.

The Brief

Yarra Pools aim to bring people back to the river by advocating a swimmable and therefore healthy waterway all while celebrating a unique site’s cultural history by incorporating community involvement through design and ongoing operation.

Yarra Pools needed support to advance the project with an iconic yet simple brand design which could bring the proposal to life while incorporating its ideals.


Our solution was to create a brand mark that was simple and bold enough to brand the public entity with the gravitas it deserved. The bold Y incorporates the reflections of the Yarra to clearly evoke a sense of place and purpose.

However, the ripples of the river surface communicate the project’s deeper sense of purpose – by drawing people back to the river, this stimulates an emotive change in the community, to celebrate and care more for the state of our waterway. A ripple effect. One that underpins the project’s key mantra, ‘towards a swimmable Yarra’.


The project has now gathered significant momentum, as the proposals created through community consultation have been drawn together under the new branding. A successful launch has attracted positive appreciation of the branding, positive media support, and drawn new key partnerships with entities such as the NGV, Melbourne Design Week, Open House Melbourne and other significant influencers.

The Creative

The new Yarra Pools brandmark.
Yarra Pools brand launch – branded swimming cap giveaway.
Yarra Pools brand launch – project render posters.
A detail render of the Yarra Pools architectural concept.

The Numbers

Total Leads

New likes

on main Federation University Facebook page as residual.

Different Countries


More efficient than targeted cost per lead

Reach on Facebook

The campaign exceeded all targets set.

(As of 31st January 2018)

What else?

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