University of Canberra


Breakthrough &emdash; Creative / Strategic Direction

‘Breakthrough’, underpinned the transformative experience the University offers to all who pass through it. The creative execution allowed the brand to move away from stereotypical category visuals to become an innovative and youthful brand.

The Creative

UC Passions TVC
Concept & Development: OMG!Creative; Written: Peter Murphy / OMG!Creative; Directed: Craig McClean; Produced: Mr&Mrs Smith

We were here – media: multi-media/multi-coloured chess pieces
An experiential installation for UC Open Day – prospective students were asked to take part in the installation of a creative piece by an up-and-coming Australian artist. To bring the experience full-circle: the artist George Rose, is UC Alumni.
Concept & Development: OMG!Creative / George Rose; Installed by George Rose & Friends, UC Staff and Students, UC Open Day visitors.