Helping Australians get more joy from their pool

How it started

There’s approximately 22 million pools in Australia. To keep them beautiful takes a lot of time, effort, chemicals, water and ultimately – money. If you have lived in a house with a pool, you know how much the plastic bubble covers suck. You also know how dull netting a pool is. Conversely, it’s likely some of the best memories you have will be playing in the back yard with friends and family in the pool.

If you pick up a pool magazine, guess what you see. Virtually every page has a picture of a pool or pool tech with no one enjoying it. A sea of lifeless blue.

That seemed stupid to us. Remco is a pool technology company that makes it easy to enjoy your pool. Remco Swimroll will keep the pool clean and warm. The heated water won’t evaporate it cold weather. The average pool owner will save $2400 per year in energy costs. Remco SwimJet will turn a smaller pool into a training hub. No need to travel to the local pool. Yes they are designers, builders and engineers – but they are really a lifestyle brand.

How it's going

Remco is now comfortably the number one supplier of premium automated pool covers and swim jets. We are 6 years in and Remco continues to grow rapidly.