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Carfinder is a revolutionary startup and we love working with people who want to improve the way we do things.

You may have been through the bewildering experience of buying a new or used car before. As you’re standing in the dealership or trawling car sales sites, a thousand worrisome thoughts cloud your mind: “Is what the dealer’s saying true?”, “How can I be sure that this car won’t break down in a month’s time?” Carfinder believe the process of buying a car should be easy and enjoyable, not complex and burdensome. Their purpose is to understand your automotive needs and help you meet them. Simply tell them what you’re after, and they will use their market knowledge to find the best car for you.
Carfinder have access to all manufacturer and market data, so you have the information you need to make the right choice. With the help of Carfinder, you’ll be buying like a pro in no time. Carfinder are not car dealers; they are not here to sell you a car. Carfinder simply help you buy one. Let’s put an end to lengthy trips to car dealers, time wasting and dodgy deals, so that you can enjoy your dream car, now and in the future. We have built everything for Carfinder, other than their passion, process and knowledge.

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