The Most Successful Rideshare Launch in the World

How it started

One of Australia’s biggest agencies tried to launch DiDi in Australia and made a real mess of it. The work only achieved low rates of awareness and subscription. It was up to us to pick up the pieces. We had to enter the market while Uber had 98% awareness with over 10X our budget and and Ola had just launched with 3X our budget.

Our job was to develop a compelling brand idea for DiDi Australia. DiDi is a global leader in Rideshare, but a minnow in Australia. We had to find a point of difference. We found two. Uber and Ola focused all their attention creatively on the actual trip. Riding in the back of a car is as exciting as a ride in a lift. It’s the destination that’s the life event. We also worked with DiDi to find a way that DiDi could be more affordable on average, for the driver and rider.

So we developed DiDi Lowfare Rideshare with a rocking track, imagery of a life less ordinary and a media idea that made DiDi unavoidable over an 8 week period. Want to know how, drop us a line.

How it's going
DiDi doubled its awareness to over 80% of all rideshare users in the first 2 months. DiDi is a clear number 2 behind Uber. App downloads and usage were regarded as DiDi’s most successful launch outside of China ever. Millions of Australians use continue to use DiDi every single week. Ola has scaled back to only 3 Australian cities. They are a distant number 3.

“Since DiDi started working with OMG we are very happy as a client. Your work creating the campaign concept and deliverables for our main ATL marketing campaign “Do More Pay Less” has been on point and a great success. As a Chinese brand entering Australia, we agree with your opinion on how important it is to resonate authentically through messaging and creative with the local market.


Thanks again for your help and support over the years. Do More Pay Less still stands as my favourite campaign to date.”

Douglas Toy, Head of Marketing at DiDi ANZ