Scaling an eBike Startup Australia Wide

How it started

Lug&Carrie had bootstrapped their subscription eBike launch and built a thriving little business in the inner north of Melbourne. With further investor rounds to go, it was time for Lug&Carrie to switch up a gear or two. They were doing plenty right, what was missing was a creative platform to take the brand Australia wide.

Lug&Carrie specifically focus on Subscription Cargo eBikes. These are bikes that are the price of a small second hand car to buy new. So subscription is a risk free trial. We knew that once people tried one, they become hard to let go.

Parking at work and school drop off sucks. Traffic sucks. We need to capture the feeling of individual and shared enjoyment of riding once more. No sweat required to carry the kids, shopping, gym and work gear to your life.

How it's going

Lug+Carrie has used the creative and website we built for them to expand throughout Australia swiftly. Famous Luggers like Osher Gunsberg share their new life in the bike lane. If you look out for them, you will see Luggers everywhere.