Monash Law Inbound CX


Using Inbound CX to increase student numbers

A Monash Law JD is one of the more prestigious courses at the university. It’s also one of the most expensive and a large financial and time commitment for prospective students. For a student to choose Monash as their partner for their legal journey, certain aspects of the Monash Law experience needed to be highlighted. Students should be shown how Monash Law people continue to influence the thought leadership of critical topics that affect our lives. They should be excited by the calibre of who will teach them. And they should be able to picture what their life might be like during and after they study.

The Creative

Monash Law people continue to influence the big conversations that shape our lives and society. These stories are examples of Monash Law’s ongoing contribution to thought leadership.

Monash Law teaching staff are consistent contributors to public debate and popular media. This content brings to life the personality of three wonderful voices on the Monash Law Faculty teaching staff.