How to add millions to the bottom line

Better Class of Oil Campaign

How getting your brand positioning right adds to your bottom line. Penrite was well known to car enthusiasts but largely unappreciated by the majority of car owners. Although the previous advertising line reflected the passion of the family it didnt’ define their unique point of difference. OMG! Creative identified Penrite’s point of difference in the market and created a superior positioning to separate them from the competition. Campaigns were executed across TV, Radio, Print and digital.


Penrite Oil was known as a premium oil brand by the car enthusiast market – which limited its potential audience.


We uncovered that the product had a component that classified its structure slightly differently. We called this ‘Extra 10’ and positioned the brand as providing the ultimate engine protection for your car, thereby indirectly repositioning competitors’ product as inferior. The creative strategy was based on the proposition a ‘Better Class of Oil’.


Market Share increased by 5%, the distribution channel increased by 2.5%. 15% increase in litres used, Revenue increase 13.7%.
One of the positives about OMG! Creative is that if they did what we asked them to do all the time, I dont think we’d be as successful as we are.
Brendan Bourke, Managing Director, Penrite Oil

The Creative

The new branding generated for Penrite.
Print and packaging design.

What else?

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