10X Funds Under Management
in 5 years

Have you seen my screen?

Like other brands in the fintech wealth platform category, Praemium’s uniqueness was hidden in category sameness. We like to call it: ‘have you seen my screen?’ Brand creative across the category features jargon filled headlines and endless suits pointing smugly at their screens. None of the key competitors stood apart.

How it started

The company is doing bold things. The Praemium platform makes financial advice easier, faster, better. It can literally revolutionise how financial advice is provided. The platform saves time, offers fee and tax advantages, enables any asset to be tracked, and can make more profit for both financial advisers and their investors.

So how about some bold creative and ideas to match? We transformed their branding, imagery, tone of voice, messaging and creative over all touchpoints. The results for their people, their brand and their company were nothing short of astonishing.

A new logo

Praemium didn’t have a logo. Through researching the brand, we discovered there was one consistent visual device they had used through the years: a hexagon. This was our starting point to create a logo that could represent who they were, where they were going, and where they came from.logo

Launch like you mean it

The external launch was accompanied by an internal staff launch. In the week leading up, there were social teasers and on the launch Monday morning, staff arrived to find the office rebranded, complete with decals, window graphics, merch packs, website, an email from the CEO and a specially produced book, introduced by the CEO, which explained the thinking and brought each staff member on the journey as a valued partner. The result was a resounding success and a positive buzz infused and re-energised the company.

How its going
As soon as the rebrand launched, there was an immediate effect. Employees were re-energised, positive and motivated with a genuine buzz. Industry sat up and took notice, initial reports being followed up with more column inches scaling over time. Our campaigns for Praemium subequently won multiple industry marketing awards starting in 2020 and continuing to this year, including financial campaign of the year and agency of the year. Finally, the biggest metric: Praemium’s funds under management scaled from $28B AUD to over $200B AUD. Their technology now manages more private wealth than any other platform in Australia. The best of the best now use Praemium technology. Famous names like Macquarie, JB Were etc.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team at OMG. We had our internal launch yesterday morning and it was a huge success with a massive buzz around the office. Everyone is very excited to have such a professional bold new look and is getting fully behind it which is fantastic. The internal graphics give the office a real lift and everyone is loving the video. Initial traffic to our website increased 2000% yesterday which we are thrilled with and the advertising is getting great stand out. We’ve also had some great feedback from clients and even our competitors who are all talking about it too!”

Adele Welsh
Head of Marketing – Praemium