Helping Australia’s Fastest Growing Brand

How it started

In 2021 Network Seven purchased long-standing regional partner PRIME7. PRIME7 dominates the free-2-air landscape in regional Australia by willing the ratings with figures evn far more dominant the Network Seven’s leading metro figures.

PRIME7 had become a network that served big business who wanted the market outside of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. It’s actually very cost effective to buy TV in regional markets. Brands can access huge geographic areas with large populations for $1000-3000 per month. People just assume TV is expensive. With smaller and smaller regional teams, it was OMG’s role to find a new way to SMEs to engage with TV.

So we built Prime Time For Growth. An education, TV media and TV production online space that enables SMEs to learn about TV, DIY a campaign or choose the DIFM option.

How it's going
Prime Time For Growth drove hundreds of new customers to Network Seven. Many who just assumed TV was out of their reach. Network Seven continues to grow in Regional Australia. The asset library that explains how the broadcast signals work is a game changer for those who want to understand how to reach our thriving regional cites and communities.