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Employee Value Proposition Recruitment Marketing

Epworth Nurse Recruitment and Staff Retention

Client: Epworth Target Market: Nurses / Healthcare Workers Objective: Hire 500 nurses (5 nurse types) Timeframe: 3 months


OMG was briefed to manage Epworth Healthcares’ Employee Value Proposition Recruitment Marketing. The campaign focus was to reinforce Epworth’s leadership credentials in the industry: People, technology, relationships. Staff can train with the best, learn from the best, work with the best, and become the best. Position Epworth brand to attract and retain the people who can achieve Epworth’s vision of improving the patient experience.


We used the latest strategy and technology to connect and engage with internal & external staff prospects. The Epworth Careers website is designed to house all common content (strategic vision video – A New Day) and persona specific inbound journeys. Persona specific lead generation campaigns drove leads to the website for EOI and specific role application. Each content journey was specialised by persona workflow. The scale of the Epworth redevelopment is big news in the healthcare market. Traditional advertising was used to communicate the newsworthy nature of the employment opportunity and it’s benefits to the community.


90% of leads applied via mobile.

2356 applications. 915 suitable for interview. 500 positions filled. 

The EVP communication content is about to go into it’s 4th year.

The Creative

A sample of the EVP photography. The photo journalistic style captures the focus of each nurse in a moment of truth. Art Direction: Tim Haynes Writer: Peter Murphy Photography: Adrian Lander
Epworth Recruitment Website

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