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No Teeth No Good

The Melbourne Dental Clinic (MDC) is staffed by graduate students and postgraduate students from the Melbourne Dental School, guided and closely supervised by the Melbourne Dental School staff. It’s a more cost effective way for staff, students and the general public to access the next generation of Australia’s leading dentists and dental specialists.


The healthcare market is cluttered in terms of communication with every dental care provider focusing on the same visual. Whether it’s the patient or the dentist, there’s a perfect smile on every dental clinic’s branding. OMG was briefed to develop a campaign that would break the clutter and allow Melbourne Dental Clinic to stand out.


We developed the transformative ‘Teeth for Life’ campaign highlighting the importance of taking action to stay on top of oral health. Too many people put off oral healthcare due to the cost and can end up losing teeth in later years – no teeth no good. The campaign was promoted via press, out of home, sponsor partnerships and online. The lead generation campaign aimed at increasing the number of bookings online. We also developed street posters that were displayed in key areas around the campus vicinity to drive interest.


With MDC there’s no need to put off looking after your dental health. The creative shows a range of creatures and tools being rendered ineffective without teeth. Within a short time after campaign launch, the clinic was booked out for weeks in advance. The campaign continues to be extended due to it’s strong ROI.

The Creative

Melbourne Dental Clinic ‘No Teeth, No Good’ creative idea

Melbourne Dental Clinic ‘No Teeth, No Good’ Street Poster & Postcard creative

Melbourne Dental Clinic ‘No Teeth, No Good’ Street Poster & Postcard creative

Melbourne Dental Clinic ‘No Teeth, No Good’ campaign landing page creative in-situ.

Facebook carousel creative.

Melbourne Dental Clinic ‘No Teeth, No Good’ Street Poster creative in-situ.

The Numbers

Total Leads

New likes

on main Federation University Facebook page as residual.

Different Countries


More efficient than targeted cost per lead

Reach on Facebook

The campaign exceeded all targets set.

(As of 31st January 2018)

What else?

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