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Lead Generation Campaign: July 2018 – Current

People who want to remain full of life and get the best out of themselves. They don’t want to be isolated by any of their senses. Oral communication is important so hearing is fundamental.

While there are a number of lifestyle factors that can cause one’s hearing to degenerate early (exposure to cold water, loud environments, headphones etc). For most people, the onset of slow degenerative hearing loss may commence at approximately 55 to 60 years of age.

The loss is usually so slow that it’s not noticeable. Regular testing can help individuals stay on top of their hearing health. For those who are developing a significant level of hearing loss, modern hearing aids that are virtually impossible to see are a simple and smart what to stay connected.


Hearing loss creeps up on you. The world slowly becomes more difficult to hear. Certain situations may be worse than others like social gatherings with lots of layers of noise. Staying connected to the world is important for your health and wellbeing.

Not being able to communicate can lead to isolation. Isolation can lead to many other health problems.

There is a stigma associated to deafness and hearing aids. However, the new devises can’t really be seen. Being the person who can’t communicate is potentially more of an issue.

So people ‘put off’ hearing tests until it’s too late.


We built the ‘sounds worth hearing’ campaign which highlighted the positive side of staying connected to the world via hearing. The campaign ran across all traditional and digital channels.


The campaign was so successful that it has been used by Bloom across the world in New Zealand and many countries in Europe.

The Creative

Bloom Hearing Australia TVC.

Facebook creative various.

Facebook carousel creative.

Facebook canvas creative.

Facebook canvas creative.

Landing Page creative.

Landing Page creative in-situ various devices.

Landing Page creative in-situ – mobile.

The Numbers

Total Leads

New likes

on main Federation University Facebook page as residual.

Different Countries


More efficient than targeted cost per lead

Reach on Facebook

The campaign exceeded all targets set.

(As of 31st January 2018)

What else?

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